Defects Are Forever

Software engineering is an interesting field. You start your career with visions of elegant algorithms, adoring groupies and start-up riches but eventually you have to face the brutal reality.

  1. Nothing ever works the first time.
  2. When something finally works, it always breaks later.

There are two broad categories of organizational responses to this grim reality.

  1. Delusional. Keep looking for the magic silver bullet that will make defects vanish: smarter people, better tools, new design methodology, shinier executive hair.
  2. Practical. Acknowledge that defects are ultimately caused by human cognitive frailties and learn to prevent, detect and mitigate them as best as you can.

More about practical defect-busting techniques later because now I need to go to the hardware store to buy plumbing supplies and light bulbs. Because everything always breaks.


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